Tips for Finding the Perfect Jeans

1. Choose styles that work with your body type. Slim figures generally look better is low rise skinny, straight, or boot cut jeans. Athletic figures look great in boot cut or straight jeans. Pear shaped? Try the always flattering low-rise boot cut or low-rise flared jeans to balance out the body. Higher rises are generally better for curvier girls, but every figure is different. We recommend going to several stores and trying on lots of different jeans to find your perfect fit. Then come back here and buy them at a discount!

2. If you want a perkier looking butt, try a jean with low set back pockets that are centered closer to the middle.

3. If your jeans are too long, wear them with heels or find a good tailor. Most tailors can hem jeans for very little ($10 - $15). Your jeans will last a lot longer if you're not stepping on the hems.

4. Pockets! Back pocket size is very important when trying to find the right look. If you're looking to slim your butt, try jeans with large pockets. Stay away from jeans with tiny rear pockets or no pockets at all.

5. Most importantly, try on lots of jeans. 99% of them won't work, but you're guaranteed to find one pair that hugs your curves in all the right places. Try on jeans that you normally wouldn't wear - you'd be surprised what it looks like on your body! Try on different sizes too. Sizes can differ between brands.