Jeans for Curvy Women

If you're a woman with a little extra curve in the backside or a little extra junk in the trunk, this guide is for you! Finding jeans to fit a larger booty can be difficult but we're here to help.

1. Stretch. Jeans with a combination of cotton and spandex give a great fit. A good combination is 98% - 99% cotton and 1 - 2% lycra or spandex. The touch of stretch helps it mold to your fabulous curves!

2. Low rise. Don't worry, low rise jeans are your friend! Buying a lower rise jean will prevent the extra material that gaps at the waist. Try on several rises to find one that works for you.

3. Dark colors. Dark blue denim has a great slimming effect. Also try jeans with a light vertical grain. Stay away from black denim unless you're not keeping them very long - it fades to an unflattering shade.

4. Style. The most flattering style for all women is a simple boot cut jean. It will straighten your leg and the slight flare at the bottom will even out wider hips.

5. Pockets. Stay away from low pockets! Try wider pockets that are closer to the center of your bum.

6. Embrace your curves! A woman with self-confidence can rock any outfit!

Joe's Jeans has an entire line of jeans especially for women with curves. Check out the Honey Cut - Joe's Jeans